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Education That Transforms

Meridian Graduates are Reinventing the Professions of Psychology, Business, and Education.

乐福彩票Meridian University is dedicated to enabling human development through wise transformative impact across multiple domains with global reach and local value. Meridian’s graduate degree programs in Business, Psychology, and Education enable students to combine passion with profession in service of larger social, cultural, ecological, and developmental goals.

Meridian’s unique learning model enables students to combine onsite residencies, asynchronous online learning, and engaging video calls to develop an educational path that fits both their life and vision.

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"Meridian University offers programs unique in their ability to bring cognitive and experiential learning together."

—Jean Houston, Chancellor

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"Meridian University is a gift to this moment in our history. The rare breadth of the intellectual journeys it offers, and its exquisite attention to the ripening of the whole person, set a stunning example for graduate studies."

乐福彩票—Joanna Macy, Philosopher and Ecopsychologist


Meridian University offers a graduate education that is integrative, innovative, and pioneering as an educational model that involves holistic learning and practical application to many diverse professions.

乐福彩票—Angeles Arrien, Cultural Anthropologist

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